Mary Cardea has beautifully landscaped our front yard and then fine tuned our backyard. Mary has full knowledge of what will not only look good, but what will flourish in just the right location of your property. You will be pleased with Mary's creativity and sense of style. Feel confident that Mary can handle irrigation, hardscapes, trees,brick work, chicken coops, gazebos, you name it she will get it done. Interior or exterior, Mary knows what is pleasing to the eye. Mary pays attention to detail and will do it right. Enjoy! Sandy Wise and Woody Wise, Glendale homeowners.

Sandy Wise

Hiring someone I didn’t really know to plan my garden was a little uncomfortable. My front garden is the first thing I see each morning. It greets all our guests and ourselves when we come home. I grow plants to please my eyes and uplift other people’s souls—including mine. But mostly the pleasure of seeing things grow. But my discomfort became comfort when I met Mary Cardea. Mary is a true professional. She understood what I wanted without forcing opinions on me. She asked great questions, so I knew she wasn’t doing this from rote. I knew I was working with someone who was passionate about providing clients what "they" wanted, not what she thought was best. Landscaping is like any other construction project: it needs a good plan and good communication to keep it running smoothly. Mary was timely in returning phone calls, kept tight control of my budget to ensure no surprises. She communicated her thoughts and ideas completely, because I wanted to be an integral part of the process. Her expertise in irrigation was critical in keeping my garden alive and thriving. She and her crew showed up when they said they would and cleaned up each day. Thanks to Mary's expert knowledge of plants, her great eye for design and her love of colors, I have a garden that provides me serenity and joy and practicality. Family, friends and neighbors continually comment how beautiful it looks and I always quietly smile thanking Mary for this bit of paradise. I highly recommend Mary Cardea. Her wonderful bubbly personality, her willingness to work with you (or she can run any entire project alone--your choice) and her expertise in design, plants and irrigation makes her the right choice. If you're looking to grow your own "paradise," give Mary a call. You’ll be very happy!

Karen Tajunga, CA